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AbuBen means Father-Son in Hebrew.

And that basically, is who we are – a father and son trying in some small way to glorify our wonderful and merciful God. Since we sincerely believe that our actual identities do not and should not matter, we will remain behind the veil of anonymity and attempt instead to divert and focus all attention to the One who deserves all praise and glory. As John the Baptist expresses so beautifully:

He must increase, but I must decrease.

Over the past many years, the father (“Abu”) has penned down a few devotional songs. In the last couple of years, the son (“Ben”) has put music to a few of these songs. Over the coming days, we hope to produce some of these songs under the AbuBen banner. This website, at least initially, is intended to be a compilation of such devotional songs by AbuBen.

Apart from a few close family and friends, who may recognize our actual identity for the simple reason that they may have heard some of these songs during its initial days of being put together, we intend AbuBen to be largely nameless and faceless. We intend AbuBen to be symbolic of people coming together to honor and praise God. We also intend AbuBen to hopefully inspire other similar collaborations.



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