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This invocation song* is an exhortation for us to calm our minds and open our hearts, inviting the peace of the Prince of Peace to fill the emptiness within us. Laying down at His feet all the worries that bother and burden us, offering into His hands all our achievements, desires, and dreams, it encourages us to approach His peaceful presence in humble worship.

This song was written after a heartfelt encounter with a very dear friend of mine. After a very long time when I caught up with him again, he was a completely changed person – not the fun-loving boy that I remembered from my school days. Once a model of love and companionship, I found him in a state of profound distress – alone, distanced from family, grappling with depression, and trapped by the clutches of alcohol. Witnessing the turmoil within him left an deep mark on my soul, and in some way led to the lyrics of this song.

And so, this song is a reminder to each of us to seek solace in the comforting presence of God, irrespective of our circumstances. In the melody, we find an offering of hope, an invitation to find refuge in the peace and calm that God alone can provide.

The song lyrics, both in Malayalam and Manglish (Malayalam transliterated to English) as well as a translation have been included below. It is our sincere hope and prayer that this song will help in some small way to glorify the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

May this song be a source of comfort, leading hearts to a place of peace amidst life’s storms.

All praise, honour and glory be unto Him.

*An invocation song is usually sung at the beginning of a church service or prayer meeting and helps those attending to focus on God and seeking His presence at the gathering.