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The sudden onset of a sickness or disease can shatter most of us. It is usually at times such as these, that we begin to question how such terrible things could happen; very soon we often end up directing our frustration to God, asking Him how He could allow such things to happen. It is common for many of us going through the pain and suffering of a serious illness to begin doubting our faith and we may end up denying a God, who seems to be powerless and maybe even non-existent. We forget that disease and sickness was not part of God’s original design, but instead have come upon us as fallen beings in a fallen world. In such moments of distress, we also tend to forget the countless blessings that God has showered on us; instead, what remains is only the taste of bitterness at the disease that is now upon us.

As children of God, we are not promised a life without troubles and worries – the only promise and comfort we have is the assuring presence of a God who is with us even through the darkest of times, a God who Himself is no alien to human suffering; a God who endured the pain of the cross for our sakes.

This song is a cry from the depths of human despair and helplessness; a cry that eventually turns into healing, comfort and hope, leaning on Jesus’ bosom, being caressed with His healing hands.

The song lyrics, both in Malayalam and Manglish (malayalam transliterated to english) as well as a translation have been included below. It is our sincere hope and prayer that this song will give hope and courage to a soul in the midst of sickness, in pain and even possibly walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Our comfort is only in Jesus, the Wounded Healer, who knows our pain and will not forsake us, ever.

All praise, honour and glory be unto Him.